Monday, December 20, 2010

Girls Kick Ass

I admit, I have a weakness for female characters who kick ass. Xena has been my role model for more years than I care to admit and when Alias was on television I watched every episode with slavish loyalty. When Sucker Punch comes out I'll probably be at the theater on opening night. Of course Summer Glau as River in Firefly/Serenity made me completely geek out with joy, because not only is she a brutal fighting machine, but also a dancer. A dancer!

Dancers tend to have a reputation for being dainty, beautiful, ethereal, and above all "girly". The truth is, even when you are engaged in the most girly of dance forms you have to be physically strong and so powerful. Just because the power is concealed doesn't mean it isn't there.

Being a female is difficult. I can go on and on about it. (I just did! But, the paragraph got deleted due to its overly ranty nature and unbroken deluge of text.) That's probably a post for another time.

Here's the thing: Life is difficult. Maybe I'm not in a position where the ability to take someone out with awesome kung fu is particularly helpful to me. But, that doesn't mean I can't fight. That doesn't mean my characters can't fight. That doesn't mean I can't take inspiration from the way Xena uses her strength and intelligence to overcome impossible odds, River is willing to defend the people she cares about, or Sidney Bristow refuses to let fear keep her from accomplishing her goals.

Because girls can, and should, totally kick ass.

We have a map of the piano - Mum


  1. I love girls who kick ass too. My problems is making them too perfect. They're smart, they're strong, they're independent...etc.
    But yeah, I totally hear you!

  2. Opening night for Sucker Punch, eh? I'm on it.

  3. Lydia - I don't think I'll ever have a problem crafting a character who is too perfect, because I seem to have an almost perverse glee in giving them all shades of emotional hang-ups.

    Neumann - I had a feeling you'd be for that. :)