Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chapter Titles

I'm working on my rewrite, though now it has turned into more of a slight revision. The first third or so of the book is the hardest to get right. After that everything clips along at a steady pace. So - 1/3 rewrite, 1/3 revision, about 1/3 still to go. I'm eager to get it finished up so I can return to the process of submitting. (And tackle a few other projects.) I really, really like this book and I'm excited and hopeful to find the agent who understands and enjoys it.

In the process of revising, I've decided to add chapter titles, instead of merely numbers. I'll probably keep tinkering as I revise, but here's what I've got so far:

Chapter 1 - Into the Woods
Chapter 2 - Beautiful Things
Chapter 3 - The Message
Chapter 4 - Lia
Chapter 5 - Fire
Chapter 6 - Morning at Last
Chapter 7 - Pala Lumino
Chapter 8 - Ceremony
Chapter 9 - Labyrinth
Chapter 10 - Found
Chapter 11 - Terrible Things
Chapter 12 - Thieves and Liars
Chapter 13 - Resurrection
Chapter 14 - The Intruder
Chapter 15 - Wings
Chapter 16 - Brotherhood
Chapter 17 - Foretold
Chapter 18 - Choices
Chapter 19 - Starlight
Chapter 20 - Buried
Chapter 21 - Fallen

A fun game might be to try and guess the plot based on the Chapter titles. Heh, heh, heh.... good luck! (evil cackle.)

^Not my cat. I'm allergic.

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  1. Chapter one: Many different fairytale characters going to the woods for many different reasons, including Little Red Riding Hood, a Baker's Wife and many...wait...that can't be right...?

  2. It's a horror novel. I'm right, aren't I?

  3. There's no way I could guess BUT those titles look pretty awesome. I've been naming my chapters, too, and I think they all suck aaaaaa lot (and have been therefore thinking of keeping just numbers).

  4. Tracy - I chased him out of my Chapter 11, but he's currently looking for a new home. Maybe in your epilogue?

    Mike - It was, but once I got the cat out it switched over to fantasy.

    Jessica - Thanks! I'm slightly suspicious that they read like Buffy episode titles, but I guess there are worse things. Nothing wrong with just numbers. That was my original plan, until I started getting ideas for titles.

  5. Haha, Buffy episode titles. What I like about the titles is that they don't give too much away, like, say, a chapter entitled, "Falling Through the Ice" or "Canceled Wedding Plans" or something like that. ;o)

    Thanks for entering my blog giveaway! Good luck!

  6. I wanted to say a Snow White retelling, but I'm probably totally off!

  7. Sarah-- No evil angry cats in my book. Knowing how I feel about cats (sorry cat people! allergies!) it would end up killing all of my characters with a hairball.

  8. I have a difficult enough time coming up with a perfect title (I'm fussy) for my novels, I would never torture myself with trying to title my chapters! OMG...you just made me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. The pressure, the horror. *shudder*

    But your ch. titles def give me a fantasy feeling.

    I'm allergic too, but the kid brought home a kitten over the summer...and she latched on to me...and now I'm in love with her. I take a lot of benedryl. :)

    Happy 2011,

  9. Carol - Thanks! That's what I was going for: vague, yet meaningful.

    Lydia - No Snow White, though I have borrowed a few fairytale/mythical conventions in order to upend them. So, you could be much further off. :)

    Tracey - Heh, I'm the same way. My eyes burn and my skin itches and I end up completely miserable. Unfortunately, cats seem to be able to sense this and love to climb all over me. Deadly Hairball. I like it.

    Lola - Heh, I never thought I'd go to the trouble of titling them, either. I usually hate titles! All I can say is that something mysterious and inexplicable happened. Kittens are super cute. I wish they didn't make me stuffy.