Friday, January 7, 2011

Insert Random Motivational Slogan

A shorter post today. (Which may or may not be a relief for some.)

I know I'm not an all-knowing, mother-earth type. Wisdom doesn't pour from my mouth the same way that cheese crunchies pour into it. I've lived a bit, thought a bit, typed a bit, and made a few things. That doesn't put me too much further on the smart-o-meter than anyone else.

All the same, I think I'm right about one thing.

Don't save anything for the smarter, better, older, wiser you. Don't store up the perfect idea for the day when you'll be able to do it justice. Don't avoid doing the thing you most want to do because you think you aren't good enough. We'll never be good enough. Go balls out. Suck if you have to, but don't leave those ideas lying dusty in a drawer. Don't waste your time on projects you don't absolutely love when the one is waiting. (This holds true for dating, too.) The results may not live up to your standards, but will anything ever live up to anyone's standards? (Excluding the delusional.) At least it will live! Suck the idea dry, live every inch of it and have faith that another will follow.

Thank you. Happy Friday.

I leave you with Inception Cat.

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  1. ROTFLMAO! Inception cat! I just watched that movie last week, so timely!

  2. Inception Cat basically validates the whole internet.

  3. Agreed... no wasting time... just do it... whatever it is go for it!

  4. Unless "it" is murder, of course.