Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday #62: Best Line

You can find the challenge here: YA Highway

To make this a more substantial entry, I'll include a few of my favorite lines from Switch:

Walking beneath the stars was the time for building all the lives she would never be allowed to live.
It was coming upon the time of year when every sunny day is precious, a reprieve from winter and a promise of adventures to follow.
The deer were highly treasured and even the squirrels racing across the ground seemed better groomed than most.
Their bodies understood nothing but digging and, though there were no overseers driving them on, they continued to burrow.
He looked like a man who had gained entrance to heaven, only to find it deserted and destroyed.

Hopefully you find that sufficiently entertaining. :) Don't worry, I didn't include anything from the second half of the book, so they aren't huge spoilers. Not that anyone was worried about that. Were they? Hmmmm... well, don't be.

Yes, I did get out of jury duty. Yay!

As a fun challenge I've been putting together a submission for this: Steampunk Shakespeare . It actually takes a ton of research, but I'm enjoying myself. The whole project is forcing me to stretch into a new direction. :) So far my work has mostly consisted of research (completed in the jury holding room). But, since I love Shakespeare and I love steampunk, it will be interesting to see what strange hybrid ends up on my computer screen. Now that I've blogged about it, I'll have to finish it. See how that works?

Yay for new projects!

Reader's log:
3. Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk

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Song of the Banshee - Aine Minogue


  1. Sounds very interesting... can't wait to see the results!!

  2. Ooh I love the descriptions. Very outdoors-y :) And one of my WiPs is titled Switch too! (hehe) Yay for no jury duty!

  3. Especially like the first line, and Steampunk Shakespeare sounds like so much fun!

  4. I agree with Kate. The first line hooks me.

    And good luck with Steampunk Shakespeare!

  5. Oooooh, Steampunk Shakespeare. That sounds so cool! I was just describing steampunk to someone about half an hour ago who'd never heard of it!

  6. Gorgeous lines, and I'm intrigued about your book!

  7. interesting snippets! Just a hint but no big reveals!

  8. Switch sounds really good! And Steampunk Shakespeare? WANT.

  9. Thanks everyone! I know they'll be publishing the anthology in both physical and ebook form. Regardless of who makes it in, you should all order!

    Glad everyone likes the lines. It feels sort of weird writing them out here, but a good weird! Thanks for stopping by. :)