Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Netbook and Stories

This is a general update sort of a post.

First order of business: My wonderful hubby got me a netbook for my birthday! I'm no longer tied to my desk. I can type stories from anywhere in the world! I've always used a desktop. This is my first experience computing in various locations and, I gotta say, I'm enjoying it! Right now I'm in bed typing out tomorrow's blog post. (By the time you read it it will actually be today's blog post). (Meaning this one). Thank you awesome hubby who might just be turning me into a spoiled brat. Now I need to think of interesting locations to write in. Like beneath the coffee table. Or, scrunched in the corner with the trashcans. If I'm feeling dangerous, I might even try leaving the apartment!

Second order of business: Current writing projects. Tally below.

Switch = completed.
Switch II = outlined and first draft 3/4s completed.
Switch III = conceptualized, but that's about it.
Short stories = two completed.
Novella = completed, but needs another edit.
Other novel = started!

Hmmm... I've actually got a few different projects in the works. Probably need to start focusing on the queries and submissions. Boring. I'd rather write!

You might be wondering what this mysterious other novel is. Well, I got some good steam on the sequel, but the smarter part of my brain finally caught up with the part that gets distracted by cheese crunchies and other assorted trinkets. Smart brain said, "Yeah, this sequel is totally immersing and fun to work on, but you have no guarantee that you'll be able to sell the first book." Without Switch, the sequel doesn't work. Too much is built upon previous events. Wouldn't it be smarter to focus my energies on projects that aren't dependent upon other projects? Yeah. Thanks a lot, smart brain.

What has helped my two brains find common ground is that I'm very excited about the next book. Or, other book. Still in the early stages, but interested to see what it grows up into. More on that later.

Third order of business: The question on everybody's minds. Which cheese crunchy is the best cheese crunchy? Well, I can authoritatively tell you that the Trader Joes jalapeno cheese crunchies are superior to every other kind. Plus, they leave your fingers super-cheesy, but not sticky. An important aspect of the cheese crunchy experience.

Now you know.

Reader's log:
11. A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray


  1. Good heavens, that's a lot of writing you're doing! I'm so proud of my big sissy, all productive and stuff.

  2. I am agog at all the writing projects you are juggling. As far as the cheese crunchies, they are the nemesis of netbooks, and frequently make for "silent" letters of the alphabet. I know a swim wear model who recently did a photo shoot immersed in cheese crunchies. Although the experience was interesting, it was not pleasant. Perhaps if she'd had Trader Joe's jalapeno crunchies, it might have made all the difference.

  3. Krista - Ha, thanks! When I'm actually writing it feels like I'm miles behind, but when I stop and calculate what I've accomplished, it isn't that bad.

    PB - Yeah, I think I'll have to keep the cheese crunchies from getting too intimate with new netbook. Could equal disaster. A cheese crunchy photo shoot?!!

  4. "Sequel to first novel status = outlined and first draft 3/4s completed."

    That makes me very sad for Husband...he needs more time to write. :(

    and...Jalapeno cheese crunchies are gross.

  5. Pinging you now so that when you get inspired to go to a coffee shop in my hood and write you will call me and be a good influence!

  6. Shawna - Indeed. I know how hard it can be to find time to write during the busy times. We're all rooting for him! I think by "gross" you actually mean "amazing".

    Megan - I will definitely do that! I haven't actually spent much time writing in the company of others, but that would be super-cool to try. How are you enjoying Seattle?

  7. It really is all about time, Shawna. Sarah's doing a bang-up job of lassoing together various bits of free time into a coordinated, multi-project assault on rendering her imagination into wonderful words. She knows this time may not, and very likely will not, last. As much as I'd love to be writing, getting winds in the sails of a major project takes a team of me's and the kind of organization afforded by "more time than I have at the moment."

    Anyway, yeah, TJ's jalapeno cheese crunchies are bleeping out-of-this-world.