Thursday, February 10, 2011

Questions - Defining Your Project

Just a few questions for today:

-What does your project smell like?
-What temperature is it?
-What color is it?
-If you could name it (not title, but name) what would the name be?
-If your project was an animal, what sort of animal would it be?

These are questions I ask myself when I'm making dances. Do they apply to writing? If you've written multiple projects, can you answer the questions differently for each project? Does this have anything to do with that mythical holy grail every agent seems to be looking for called voice? Or more to do with tone? Do you think your readers would answer the questions the same way that you do? My dancers often give me different answers when I question them about the dances I'm choreographing. That's fine, right? As long as they have answers. Audiences might have yet another impression. So might readers. Hmmmm...

Thanks for reading all my ponders. :)

Reader's log:
13. Rebel Angels - Libba Bray


  1. That's an interesting idea! Great questions as well.

  2. Great questions. Really interesting to think of it that way.

    Oh, and my project currently smells like salsa. Ooops. I dripped.

  3. Really cool questions! I will have to think about most of them but I am sure that my project smells like a dusty attic.

  4. Eagle - Thanks!

    Tracey - Heh. Now you're gonna have to clean out your keyboard.

    Carrie - That's a good smell. Not unlike used bookstore, one of my favorite smells.