Friday, May 13, 2011


Or Blogageddon? Which describes the torment of not being able to comment or check blog stats? Blogtastrophe?

I didn't actually have a whole lot of content to offer. I just wanted to be the first of my friends to post now that Blogger appears to be back up. Deep, important motivations.

Oh, you need a topic?

How about cheese? I love cheese. Here's a picture of cheese:


  1. Oooh, poop. It looks like my last blog post disappeared. Fun, fun, fun. :/

  2. Cheese is definitely the best response to any crisis!

  3. You're hilarious! "Deep, important motivations." Giggle giggle.

  4. Cheese is a very appropriate response to a blogtastrophe. I read on another blog that once Blogger got up and running again, all the posts from the previous day (I think it was) were gone.