Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Query Threedux

Well, I'm tinkering with the query again. Why does this have to be so hard?!! Why did I have to write such a plotty book? With so many themes? Bleh.

Wanna know a secret? It's in regards to Mysterious Other Novel. Guess what I did? I wrote the query first. I wrote it before outlining and before writing a single paragraph. In theory this should help me create a more focused book. I'll let you know if that actually happens.

It really is like dating. I think if you go on a few bad dates or you get rejected, it's really easy to give up on the whole idea of love. Pretend you don't want it. Throw up your hands and develop a new love for something lower maintenance. Something like Skittles. And that is fine. Part of the process. But, you better get back in that saddle eventually, cowgirl, because you got books to write.

So yeah. Here I go again. Maybe one day I'll finally write it. The magnificent query that manages to do everything queries need to do. Magnaquery! Magnifiquery! Um... Superquery? Bleh. Scratch that last one.

What about you? Query first? Or query last? Which works better?


  1. Do you follow the Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment? If not you should. Lots of great query advice there.
    I query at the end of the process.

  2. I love your analogy and the query-ific words!

    Personally, I query after I finish the novel and all of its revisions. The idea of writing one first does have be a little curious, though. Let us know how that works out!

    Good luck!

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  3. I think writing a query first is a brilliant idea. You are forced to crystallize your goals and conflicts. I tend to write mine after I've outlined, then perfect it as I finish the first draft. Then re-perfect as I get the idea.

  4. Uber-query! Good luck with yours. I think writing it first is a great way to focus, but I change everything while I'm writing (and again while I'm revising...) so I'd never be able to stick to it :)

  5. So true! I wrote my query first as well and am not sure if it will help yet. You sound like you're working so hard so I know it will pay off! Remember that this part is supposed to be annoying and tedious but once you've made it through, you've got a huge load off of your back!

  6. sarah, if you go to my sidebar, click on 'miss snark' to see what an agent recommends... that's her nom de plume, but she is a new york agent...

    if you're good, i'll point you to her current blog, where she posts under her own name :O

    meanwhile, miss snark is a TON of help!