Friday, August 12, 2011

Soundtrack for my WIP

You'll have to forgive my erratic posting (or not). My goal is to get Mysterious Other Novel to a point where it's ready for people to read and offer feedback. I even gave myself a deadline (one that is quickly approaching). This means my hands constantly ache from the amount of typing I'm doing and I don't have a ton of time for creating fascinating blog entries. But, I'll get better! Really!

P.S. if anyone is be willing to beta for me, I'll be your friend forever. I'm a great editor/critiquer if you'd like to trade.

Moving on, I'm a bit nuts, in that I'll listen to the same song over and over again while writing. Something about the circular, predictable nature of doing this helps get me into a creative mind-space. Of course, I don't try it when anyone else is around, because they'd probably kill me.

Here are a few the songs I've had on repeat while working on Mysterious Other Novel, which is close to having a name. (I hate titles).

"Anywhere I Lay My Head" - Tom Waits, Rain Dogs
"The Art of Suicide" - Emilie Autumn, Opheliac
"Dust Bowl Dance" - Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
"Heart Of My Own" - Basia Bulat, Heart of My Own
"Pocahontas and Smith" - James Horner, The New World Soundtrack
"Rambling Man" - Laura Marling, I Speak Because I Can
"These Days" - Nico, The Classic Years
What about you? What music has been inspiring your projects?


  1. For some reason, I can't get enough of Lady Gaga's "You and I" right now. *ducks as people throw fruit*

    Other than Gaga, I've got Linkin Park's "Waiting for the End" and the Strokes "Under Cover of Darkness" on my current book soundtrack. But that's it. Hmmm. I'd better get on that!

  2. Sarah
    I didn't see it listed on your site, but I know you have received an award. Congrats on your award! *throws confetti*

    I found you through the Liebster Blog Award post on Rachel Brooks's page.

    Also, I’m a new follower. Please stop by and visit me if you get the chance.

    Twitter --> @akchocoholic

  3. For my last WIP, I listened to a lot of classical--Beethoven's Triple Concerto and the 9th Symphony in particular. :P But for the one I'm working on now, I haven't found any music that really fits . . .

    Good luck with your writing project!

  4. This looks like a great list of songs.
    Self imposed deadlines always motivate me to get things done.

    I'd volunteer to read if you need more readers.

  5. Jennifer - Nothing wrong with a little Gaga! Her music is catchy and always interesting.

    Squeak - Thanks and welcome!

    Eagle - Ah, I love Beethoven. I choreographed a dance to Symphony No. 7 in A Major a couple of years ago.

    Carrie - I know! Now I just need to convince life to provide me with enough time to finish. I'm totally going to take you up on your offer. Thank you!

  6. I tend to make playlists for characters rather than for books, but, oh, yes. "Potato Girl" and "Lightning Field" by OLP and the Sneaker Pimps, respectively, for my main male character, "Story About A Girl" and "I Am Not a Pretty Girl" by OLP (um, I might have a preference showing) and Ani DiFranco for my main female character.

  7. I don't listen to music, generally. I have a loud fan on that drowns out all the other noise down the hall so I don't get distracted.

  8. Mari - Ah, I'm a big Ani Difranco fan. Very cool.

    Christi - Every once in a while I do have to turn off the volume and type in silence. No noise except the noise in my head, please!