Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changes I'd love to see in Blogger

I'd like to see followers treated more as friends. How, you ask? Well, right now the commenting is somewhat like sending fan mail. You send it off into the universe, never expecting much of an answer. I'd love it if people could respond to comments (the way you can with Disqus) and then receive notifications through the Blogger dashboard when someone comments on their comment. Why? To create discussion! So that we can actually converse instead of sneak attack posting, then flying away in the night never to be seen again. I seldom go back to see if an author has responded to my comment, because I follow too many blogs to keep track of where I've commented. All the same, I'd love to know! In some situations, I'd love to respond to their response. The chances of this happening with the current format are extremely slim.

Do other blogging platforms operate like this? Not that I'm thinking of jumping ship, I'm just curious. I kept a blog years ago on Rotten Tomatoes and it notified me anytime someone replied to a comment. There were some great conversations with my readers.

What about Google Reader? I tend to view everything through the blogger dashboard, only occasionally switching over to Google Reader. If you use it, do you find that it improves the commenting experience?

Another dream (slim chance) is that one day I'll be able to search for my blog followers on Google+ the way you can search your gmail inbox. Because they're both owned by google, it seems like a logical step. I'd love to be able to follow what's going on with my minions. And, because Google+ operates by the whole circles philosophy, it's super easy to place people you don't know well in a circle with diminished access to personal content. So, we could share info on books we're reading and cool links, without granting access to every embarrassing photo of ourselves.

Agree? Disagree? How would you improve Blogger if you had the power?


  1. About the commenting? YES. Sooo much yes lol. It's the main issue I had with coming to blogger (I also have a livejournal blog and LJ has a GREAT commenting system) b/c I love replying to comments and opening a discussion that way. Maybe we should flood blogger with requests =P

  2. That's why I use the Disqus imbeded in my blog. :) I love being able to comment back to the followers who take the time to leave a comment for me. And with Disqus, you have the @ feature which I believes emails the person your response.

    I agree though, Blogger could certainly be more interactive, and I think that would only make it a better experience.

  3. Sometimes you can subscribe to the comments; I have a link for that in my sidebar. But then you get ALL comments for that blog.

    I have my Blogger set to send me an email when someone comments on my blog, and I comment back to those who have an email with their profile (yours isn't set so I can, by the way). But that's not an open discussion for the public to see.

    Like you, I rarely have time or remember which blogs I've commented on in order to go back and read someone's comments on what I said. I'm not even sure most people have TIME to have a public discussion anyway. Maybe only with their most fave blogs.

  4. Lori - I've never used livejournal. Are you publishing the same content on both your blogs, or are they for different purposes?

    Holly - I've considered getting Disqus for this blog, but while that would enable me to respond to my own readers, it still doesn't notify me when people respond to comments on other blogs.

    Carol - Honestly, I like to keep notifications out of my email inbox. I'm on facebook, twitter, blogger, google+, linkedin, goodreads, pinterest, and various messageboards. If I received emails for all those it would drive me out of my mind. That's why I decided to disable emails. Most sites have a notification system in place that just pings you when someone interacts with your content. This seems far more user friendly.

    But, that's just me. ;)

  5. Livejournal and Dreamwidth (both essentially clones of each other, except that Dreamwidth's owners and admins are more fan-friendly than LJ can be) both have great nested commenting system. I would love to see Blogger adopt it, because otherwise I love Blogger's slightly more professional interface and community. (LJ and DW are more fannish spaces; I do my professional things on Blogger and keep a fannish/personal journal on DW.)

  6. I'd love a "reply to this comment" type feature, which is used on LJ and on Wordpress. Sure, you can use Disqus or that Debate one, but I like to keep my blog simple.

    On the other hand! If you put your email into your blogger profile, when you comment on a post, the comment will essentially be emailed by YOUR email. So then blog owners can reply to your comment by emailing you directly, which sort of makes it more personal. I email everyone back if I can (but I've noticed you don't have an email :( so I can't email you back!).

  7. I totally know what you mean about wanting to engage in meaningful discussions. I've had the same thoughts you have and I'm not honestly sure how to do it. I, too, follow a lot of blogs and revisiting an old blog to see if the blogger responded is not always possible. Many times I'll receive emails from the blogger and the discussion will continue that way, but it would great if everybody could participate.

    So basically, I've got no good ideas. :)

  8. i wish that too! I think it was on Emily Rittel King's blog, she interviewed someone who used a program to combine comments and e-mails. I haven't tried it.

  9. I'd love to see followers treated more as friends. I'd like to be able to see friends blogs have in common to make it easier to recommend blogs. I recently set up my comments so they get emailed to me from my blog which makes it easier for me to connect with people.

  10. I'd love to see a reply button so badly! I often wonder if people actually come back by the post to see if I've responded to them, but I don't see how they can. It's sad. I'd like Blogger to make it easier to correspond and make friends instead of just notes tossed into the void.

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