Yup, the rumors are true.  I turned one of my long, short stories into an ebook and it's available for purchase.  Of course, I chose the most twisted thing I've ever written.  Why the heck not?

All the Ways Moosh Failed Me is the fictional memoir of a toddler living with a homicidal maniac.  Moosh is the world's worst mother, veering between bouts of violence and utter neglect.  Will our hero escape unscathed?  Don't count on it.

You can purchase this ebook from Amazon if you are so inclined.  Here.  It will be available from additional sites at a later date.

Here's an excerpt:

"Moosh was never my real mother.  I was never a twinkle in her soulless eyes and there is no shared blood between us.  How do I know?  Moosh never loved Fa enough to bear his child.  She was insistent on this fact and repeated it to me many times.

As a baby I lived on the front porch for weeks before Fa let me inside.  I sucked the rainwater from dead leaves and washed my diapers in puddles, hanging them on the porch railing to dry.  Whenever Moosh or Fa left the house I looked at them with my most pitiful expression, hoping they would fall in love with me the way grownups were supposed to fall in love with adorable babies.  Every day or so I let out a howl Moosh described as "annoying and ineffective."  Finally, when Fa realized I wasn't going to leave anytime soon, he opened the door to me and I began my happy, baby existence."

All the Ways Moosh Failed Me has some mild, adult language.  It also has evil poodles and accordions.

If you'd like a copy for review, please get in touch with me!