Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Honor of Handmade Book Covers

Okay, they might not be completely handmade, but they all have a personalized, handmade quality to them. It might not be the most professional business decision for your ebook, but I love the idea that something so technological can still speak to us on this level. Even when the artwork is amateurish, there's still a charm to it, especially when contrasted with the template-driven book covers that seem to dominate the independent market.

So, here it is! A celebration of covers. :)

Would you ever consider drawing your own book cover? Or, having a friend draw your book cover? Do you like the way they look, or are you more drawn to photographs and graphic art? I think so much is changing so quickly, that anything human and tangible in the book world elicits an emotional response from me. That might be why I admire this kind of cover. At the same time, I don't know if it is a choice I would make for my own work. Guess I'm already too entrenched in the digital world.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I prefer traditional, painted covers the most. I'm not a fan of the more recent trend of using photographs or photo-quality paintings. I like covers to be close to life, but still have the painted look (brush strokes, etc.). I think a photograph cover looks cheap and hokey (I know it's terrible, but I honestly judge books with photo covers).

  2. sure, sarah! i have a few artistic friends who do marvelous work... i even dabble in it myself, time to time :)

    i also have a lot of writer pals

    and a list of agents on my page... help yourself

  3. Reece - I don't love it when there is a photograph of a book's characters on the cover, because it tends to supplant any images I might have in my brain of what that character would look like. (Especially if it's a facial portrait kind of deal). I'd rather base my imaginings on the writer's words than a cover image. I guess that's one of my biggest pet peeves.

    Though, I'm not against the use of all photographs. Kind of a case by base basis, I guess. Thanks for coming by!

    Wolf - Always a great resource. I've found enlisting talented friends is one of the best ways to get projects off the ground. I wonder how many writers also dabble in art?

  4. I haven't thought much about this. My brother is an artist and I've talked to him about doing some stuff for me but so far he hasn't been interested.
    I do have some illustrator friends who are trying their hand at writing and illustrating.

  5. These were great covers! Don't know that something like this would suit my own work, though (since I write thrillers - and there's definitely a certain "look" to thriller covers). But these are definitely beautiful and original and quirky.

  6. I love the monsters! I would love to see more original covers like these, but I couldn't draw my own (unless stick figures make a come back!).

  7. Those are wonderful covers!

    If I could draw better, I would consider drawing my own--but I know it wouldn't come out very well. LOL.

  8. Wow - I think they'd especially be great for children's books.

  9. Carrie - Sounds like you need some blackmail material to utilize. ;)

    Jennifer - Maybe more of a noirish inked cover?

    Carrie - I'm totally with you on the monsters. Especially the one with pink hair. Awesome.

    Eagle - I bet you could doodle up something cool. :)

    Okonkwo - The children's section definitely had more handmade covers than the others.