Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Bring You Hope

This time of year can be rough. Eye twitching rough. As the school year wraps up it feels like emotions are high and people are on edge. Drivers are reckless. Everyone is whiny. The world is supposedly ending, but whoops, no, it isn't. Ha, ha. You want sun? Take some rain. Like the rain? Take some sun! Had your fill of rain? SUCK IT UP! Oh, and don't be surprised if the only road leading to your house is under construction.

Have you felt it? I'm positive this is worse than usual. It's been a weird year, full of ups and downs and strange events I can barely process. I got so pissed off at our government that I actually wrote a (pointless and ineffective) letter to the state. That's not something I normally do. I'm the calm one who doesn't get involved. Whatever is going on is going on within me. I am the crazy. We are the crazy.

I haven't gotten much writing done lately. Too many other things going on with my real job. Yes, if I wanted to I could find the time, but the focus and clarity haven't been there.

This is all leading somewhere.

This proves how desperately we need one thing.

Another muppet movie.

And there was joy throughout the land.

Reader's log:
42. The Other Side of the Island - Allegra Goodman


  1. O.M.G.

    How did I NOT know this was being made? Running off to tell everyone! Happy now ... :0)