Thursday, June 16, 2011

The First Time

What's the first story you remember writing? Somewhere around 4th grade I wrote a story about two girls discovering a life-sized sand castle on the beach, populated with evil sand people and a bunch of wacko prisoners. If you've seen the film Heavenly Creatures, the sand castle looked a lot like the one in the fantasy scenes. That story is still in my school file, which is probably why I remember it. Most of the stories I wrote as a kid involved either talking animals or kids walking through doorways to find themselves in secret lands. Kinda my theme. I also loved writing plays and forcing my friends to act them out. Yes, I was a bossy kid.

What about you? Did you enjoy writing as a kid? (I'm kind of assuming everyone here did). What were your favorite topics and themes? How far back can you remember the stories? Were there any writing assignments or projects that you particularly enjoyed?

You'll have to excuse my sporadic posting as of late. This time of year is crazy for all the dance teachers of America, as we spend most of our time in dark theaters crossing our fingers and holding our breath. A lot of my students graduated this year, which made recital especially emotional. I've taught some of these kids for eight years, if you can believe it. Crazy. I'm going to miss them all. They're a great group of dancers.

Also, I signed up for this awesome contest here and you should, too. Why? Because the prize is a critique by agent Victoria Marini. That's an amazing opportunity and, much as I loathe the thought of even more people signing up (competition! no!) you should do it. It'll be cool.

Reader's log:
46. The Graveyard Book -Neil Gaiman


  1. The first thing I remember writing is a poem about a bird with a broken wing. And it rhymed, which was pretty good going. Your story seems a lot more fleshed out though...

  2. Just read The Graveyard Book for the first time last year, and it instantly became one of my favorites!

    I remember thinking writing was fun for the first time in high school. I spent my creative time/energy drawing prior to that.


  3. Last year I found a story written by me as a four-year old or so (and transcribed by my mom) about a girl named Lisa who had a goldfish who wanted to get it a Christmas present - maybe a sandcastle? But we'll have to ask daddy first.

  4. The first story I remember writing was one about a dolphin and a genie, and there was a shark chase in there somewhere too. :P

  5. The first story I ever wrote was "my version" of Snow White. I was in first grade. I changed things to make it way more gruesome! A sign of things to come, no doubt... :)