Monday, March 7, 2011

The Joy of Used Things

I love wandering through thrift stores and garage sales. Looking through old photographs and postcards. Thumbing through racks of previously owned clothing and looking at the strange toys which once decorated a child's room. Stories cling to these items.

Best of all are used bookstores. I love the well-read books. The ones with surprise notes in the margins, dedications, or interesting bookmarks. So many things are jammed between the pages of these books. I've also found a lot of signed copies of books that I love. I've got books signed by Laurie R. King, Connie Willis, Douglas Adams, and others. (All from used bookstores). In a large book I bought with stories and photos of Baryshnikov there was an article clipped out of a newspaper wedged between the pages. It described one of his early performances. Yeah, used bookstores are awesome.

What about you? Do you frequent used bookstores? What sort of treasures have you stumbled upon?

Speaking of stumbling upon things, the below picture is pretty hilarious, yes? I think I need a yokel's wig. Mostly I'm just left wondering what use a gentleman would have for any of these wigs. Especially a female wig. He should wear it with the villainous mustache. Yes. That would be awesome.

Reader's log:
22. City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare
23. City of Glass - Cassandra Clare


  1. It is fun to think about what might have inspired someone to make an initial purchase!

    As for used books, I love to snoop around and find new authors. I've found so many great reads from my local Half Price Books!


  2. Half Price Books is one of my favorite places to waste the day away.

  3. I like half price books but I'm also a big fan of garage sales and neighborhood book stores. Love the wig disguises. That is funny.

  4. I love all bookstores. Used ones have some great finds.

    By the way, I also like muppets, cheese, dystopian societies, and sarcasm!

  5. Garage sales are a big thing in my town. You can pick up lots of interesting stuff.

    OMG, what's with the fake beards? For those manly men who want to be more...manly?

  6. LOVE the disguises! I can never manage to get out of a used book store (or a thrift store...) in less than an hour or two. I am an addict.

  7. Those disguises ROCK! I like used bookstores - they have some great finds and I've gotten into some older series that way!

    Is your readers log how many books you've read since January? If so, that's awesome! I just hit 23 books since January myself! I won't be reading for a couple weeks though -- final project time at school! Nice to find your blog!

  8. Carrie - There's nothing like spending a sunny Saturday morning poking around at garage sales, is there?

    Theresa - Welcome! They're great things to like. :)

    Lydia K - Now that I'm living in the city and not the suburbs, there aren't nearly as many garage sales. However, there are more discarded sofas! Maybe for the manly men who can't grow their own beards?

    Carrie - Absolutely. My hubby always gets a little nervous when we're close to the bookstore. He knows what a chore it will be to drag me out.

    Melissa - Hi! Welcome to the blog. Yeah, it's my log for 2011. I have a hard time keeping track of what I've read and when, so this is my attempt at record keeping.

  9. used books are wonderful (unless if theyre not damaged, obviously). the whole name-inscriptions etc., i love all of that :)