Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Writing I Accomplished Today

Flap (r), step (l), 2x maxi ford, step (l), rock out 2 ct, brusk bk (r), (l), shuffle (r), hop, step, [shuffle, pullback, & switch 2x] flap (l), hell, toe (r), flap, heel (r), heel (l). paddle & roll, 2x, double p&r, repeat, digg, riff, drag. Chaine, turning leap. heel (l), shuffle (r) 2x, other side, step (l,r,l), riff up (r), brush (r), ball change, hines riff (r front), turn slowly. Ball change (r,l), brush & pullback, ball change, brush pullback, 4 pullbacks switching.

Step, scuff, step, scuff, ball change, step, step, 4 pullback flaps, 1 maxiford (r), passe, step plie, click turn. riff fnt (r), heel (l), brusk bk (r), ball change (r,l), step (r), wing (r), ball, heel (l), paddle & roll (r,l,r), heel digg (r,r,r), toe (r), shuffle, ball, heel (r), heel, toe (l) 2x, step (l), turn, toe stand, land.


That's gotta count towards my overall word count, right? Right?


  1. If I had read this without knowing what it was I would have guessed it was a knitting pattern :)

    I think it totally counts!

  2. Heh, thanks. Guess I'll have to figure out how to work it into my latest story. ;)